10 Reasons why the DC, MD, VA (DMV) Metroplex is a cybersecurity cluster

Washington DC Metro (Shutterstock)
  1. The US Government sets cybersecurity law and is the world’s largest consumer of cybersecurity.
  2. There are 180 cybersecurity companies locally, plus defense contractors, and the “Big 5” West Coast IT vendors
  3. There is 350% more cybersecurity talent here than in the rest of the US combined.
  4. Technology is woven into the area’s DNA, the crucible of the commercial Internet, and cybersecurity R&D.
  5. World class universities include U-Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, U-Virginia, George Mason, and Virginia Tech.
  6. Northern VA handles 70% of all Internet traffic.
  7. Northern VA is the data center capital of the world.
  8. Cyber accelerators include MACH37, DataTribe, and Dcode.
  9. Investors include the Gula family, Michael Sutton, Justin Label, Michael W. Wellman, and Blu Ventures.
  10. The DMV is itself the sixth largest population center in the US and 16 Fortune 500 companies call it home.

The Metroplex is known as both the DMV and the National Capital Region (NCR).

Originally published at https://medium.com on September 21, 2020.



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